Iris and her friends

When Iris Wang came to The Hun School as a freshmen, she was grateful for the advice and support offered by the proctors, upperclassmen with leadership roles who enhance the dorm experience by planning events, helping create bonds between residents, and checking in on new students. 

"Many proctors helped me a lot when I was new to Hun," she said. "In the beginning it's important to have someone to help."

Iris hails from Shangdon Qingdao, China -- a thirteen hour plane ride from Princeton, New Jersey. On her first trip to The Hun School, in time for girls' soccer preseason her freshman year, she was was excited and nervous to meet her new teammates and see the town she would be calling home for her high school career.

"I was nervous at first, but I made friends quickly," Iris remembers. Having an Asian roommate also helped her feel more comfortable being away from home, she says. "We had a lot of similarities and similar routines." 

In addition to playing on the soccer team, Iris joined the Asian Culture Club (she's now a leader of the club), and became a Resident Life Proctor herself, so she could offer the same guidance and mentorship to younger students that was so helpful to her. She's also a Peer Leader, which is a student leader who helps integrate new day and boarding students into life at The Hun School through orientations and retreats.

In her last year on campus, she's been enjoying the Resident Life trips, especially to the Asian grocery store HMart. She's also looking forward to life after graduation: Next year she'll attend Brown University, where she plans to major in history. She thinks she might like to be either a lawyer or a teacher, continuing her tradition of helping others.

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