Eva Ostrowski and her family
“I love what I do because having someone allow you to bear witness to the struggles, triumph, or sadness that they are dealing with is such an honor and I am so appreciative of when people have the courage to share what they are going through with me,” said Eva Ostrowky, The Hun School’s new director of Counseling and Wellness. 
Before stepping into her new role, Mrs. Ostrowsky was no stranger to working with students; she previously worked at The Pingry School, where she had a plethora of roles ranging from permanent substitute teacher to dean of student culture for the Middle School. And, throughout her several years working in education, the guiding principle of her work has stayed the same: identity.  
“When I think about my work, it always revolves around identity,” she said. “We have so many different identities that belong to us and I think humans have a tendency to own a lot of stuff that isn’t ours to own. So, in terms of my work as a counselor, I want to help students and teachers determine which identity their problem is affecting, and help them put things into context so that we can proactively address the struggles they may be facing.” 
Mrs. Ostrowsky, who has a master’s degree in social work, went on to explain that she is eager to dive into relationship building within her new community and is thrilled to be working at a place where she believes that wellness and mental health are at the forefront of the institution.
“There are so many implicit skills and values that we as a society talk about so often that aren’t explicitly taught in schools but I believe that Hun really leans in to teaching those skills and values,” Mrs. Ostrowsky said. “Hun is a very intentional community that looks at students through a holistic lens. There is a candor and an authenticity about the School that I am beyond excited to be a part of.” 
While Mrs. Ostrowsky is certain that Hun is the right place for her to be in terms of her career, she feels even stronger that Hun is the right place for her family to be as well. Come early fall, she will be moving on campus with her husband and three children: Eddie, 4; Marlowe, 2; and Lola, 6 months. 
“I never went to boarding school and neither did my husband so I’m excited to move onto campus for us but I’m even more excited for my kids to be immersed in the culture and community of Hun that I love so much.” 
As Mrs. Ostrowsky awaits the start of her first school year on campus, planning on her end has been underway for quite some time already. This fall, she will be hosting a plethora of Counseling and Wellness Parent webinars; the topics are as followed: Returning to Campus in Uncertain Times; Counseling in a Global Community; and Counseling and Athletics. For more information about the webinars, or to get in contact with Mrs. Ostrowsky, please email her at evaostrowsky@hunschool.org.

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