Hun Stands Against Hate

With Anti-Asian violence and harassment on the rise nationally in incidents and severity, The Hun School looks inward to care for its community.

“Our students' lives and concerns have connections far beyond our campus, and tragic world events like these attacks can have a very personal impact on them,” said Head of School Jon Brougham. “One of the things I love about Hun is that we always look out for one another. Otis, Radha, and others are doing fine work based on that essential spirit of caring.”

Faculty, staff, and students have shared messages of concern and support for the AAPI community, with programming and guidance from Otis Douce, director of equity, inclusion, and global diversity, and Radha Mishra, director of college counseling.

“Hun condemns racism in all its forms. Aspiring to be a community free from racism is foundational to who we are, ” said Mr. Douce.  

Recognizing that caring for students begins with caring for faculty, the Cultural Competency Committee has shared a variety of resources with faculty in recent weeks. The first step, they note, is letting faculty and staff know that we are here for them too. For those looking to go deeper, the CCC has offered a list of relevant articles and books about AAPI, and resources for how best to teach Asian American identity and history. Titles include Speak up at School and After Atlanta.

Faculty and staff have also been invited to participate in interactive bystander intervention training. Three one-hour sessions are being offered Tuesday – Thursday,  this week. The training is sponsored by Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAJC) and Hollaback! The course outlines five strategies for intervention: distract, delegate, document, delay, and direct; as well as how to prioritize your own safety while intervening.

Several discussions have been hosted for students, young alumni, and faculty. This month’s podcast Monday selection was Screams and Silence, and NPR podcast with Shereen Marisol Meaji and Gene Demby, a program open to all. In addition the CCC is hosting small group listening sessions with students and young alumni.

Members of The Hun School community who have concerns or would like to access support, may contact:

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