Seth Holm in the classroom

If there is one silver lining in the stay-at-home orders and days spent in quarantine, it’s the gift of time, more time. More time to do the things that you’ve once thought about doing, but couldn’t due to busy work schedules or social obligations. 

For some, Stay-at-Home Orders provide an opportunity to learn something new, bake some banana bread, or take an online course.  Dr. Seth Holm, a faculty member in the Modern Language and Classics department at The Hun School, has created an opportunity for adults to do just that.

This summer, he is offering a course titled Persuasion: A Course in Ancient Literature, where adults can gather virtually to engage in discussions that connect the dots between ancient Greek culture, modern issues, and political unity with one common theme: persuasion. 

The course will allow participants to dive deeper into the idea of persuasion and engage in conversations based on questions such as: The power to convey “the truth” to others is one that we all need, but is it a power that we can ever fully trust? 

Dr. Holm, who taught at Boston University before coming to The Hun School in 2016, will provide literature from ancient Greek authors such as Homer, Vergil, Sophocles, Euripides, and Aristophanes as a tool to compare the text with many modern issues our world faces today. 

“This is a very different kind of teaching and learning that reaches people in a very unique way. It extends to current events with surprising relevance and depth,” Dr. Holm said. “Watching controversy unfold through this writing will offer us the tools and insights to take on these vexing questions in our own culture and our personal vision of our world. I can’t think of a better, more relevant course to offer especially given what our country is facing today.” 

Dr. Holm explained that the course is open to anyone and everyone, and it can be as casual or as academic as participants want it to be. 

“Hun has such wonderful alumni and families, so I’m sure the vibe of the class will be very friendly and welcoming,” he said. “Even if people just want to hop in for a class or two just to listen that’s wonderful; for those who are interested in honing their speaking or academic writing skills, there will be plenty of opportunities to practice and receive feedback on that as well. Ideally, the goal of the course is to create a space that allows people to challenge themselves while also joining a new social opportunity.” 

The course will run from June 9th to July 14th, meeting every Tuesday from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time and will cost $250. While you partake in some intellectual stimulation amongst your peers, you will also be doing your part to help The Hun School community, as Dr. Holm has decided to donate proceeds from this course to the School's Raider Resilience Fund, established to provide financial aid to current Hun students whose families have experienced immediate financial hardship related to COVID-19. 

“I thought that donating my time and having all of the proceeds benefit the Raider Resilience Fund would be the perfect way to do something I’ve long wanted to do, while also giving back to the school that has supported me and my family and been our home for four years,” Dr. Holm said. “I hope people take advantage of the class and enjoy the company of their peers all while giving back to help those who need it now.” 

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