girl smiling during presentation

Upper School students participated in programming last week focused on different aspects of mental health; each day of the week, students rotated through different health and wellness workshops focusing on topics like stress management, gratitude practices, sustainability, the effects of social media, and the importance of sleep. Wellness Week, hosted by the Counseling and Wellness Department, ended with two presentations by Dr. Matt Bellace and John Morello on substance abuse prevention, the power of positivity, and the importance of support. 

Following the daytime presentation by Dr. Bellace and Mr. Morello students joined breakout sessions to discuss mindfulness, public speaking, what disappointment is and how to navigate those feelings, and understanding substance abuse from the perspective of the user. A second program was offered in the evening on mental health for boarding students. 

Brynn Hansson, faculty member in the Counseling and Wellness department, notes that the mission of Wellness Week is to educate and empower students to incorporate daily practices into their routines that will benefit all facets of who they are. 

“Wellness does not look or feel one way,” she notes. “By providing the tools and space to think critically about what one needs to thrive we hope our students are able to discover what this means to them on an individual and community-wide level.” 

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