Global Tutoring Club, Sharing Knowledge Across the Globe

When Shaotai Hu ’22 and Arion Rebba ’22 set out to create a club at the beginning of the school year, they knew for certain that they wanted their club to be a platform for Hun students to educate others around the world. After much planning, brainstorming, and researching Shaotai and Arion landed on the idea of the Global Tutoring club. The two were able to establish a partnership with Special Summer, an organization based in Beijing, China dedicated to providing tutoring opportunities to American and Chinese students with mild learning disabilities. 

The members of the Global Tutoring Club create educational videos based on different topics related to American culture to share with the children in the Special Summer organization. So far, club members have created videos explaining a day in the life of an American high school student as well as a video explaining the different religions that are represented in their club. 

“When we were brainstorming what we wanted our club to be, we knew not only did we want it to revolve around online education but it was important for us to find a way to use our knowledge to help others,” Shaotai said. “So when we came across Special Summer we thought this would be a good match for us in terms of collaboration because their mission is to teach Chinese students about American culture and help them with the English language.” 

When it comes time to create an educational video, Shaotai and Arion collaborate with Special Summer to come up with the topic. Then, Shaotai and Arion will poll the twenty club members on their knowledge of the topic. Once a handful of club members have been selected, they will conduct their research on the topic, write a script, and present the script to Shaotai and Arion for review. When all of the scripts have been approved and fact-checked, club members will head to the Zoom room to record their video. During post production, Shaotai and Arion will edit the Zoom footage together, add captions, titles, and special effects and present the video to the Special Summer to be used. 

“We all share the same values of helping others and sharing our knowledge,” Arion said. “The Global Tutoring Club allows those students in China to learn and understand American culture through the personal experiences of American students first hand and I think that’s what makes this club so special.” 

Club members look forward to the day where they can meet in person and experiment with more creative ways to create videos for Special Summer students. 

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