Class Speakers 2020

Each year, students prepare speeches to present to their peers on why they are the best candidate to represent the student body as a class speaker. In typical fashion, class speakers speak on behalf of the students in their grade and are responsible for not only delivering messages to their class members, but also listening and gathering ideas and information to present to the senate on behalf of the class. This year, the four students who were nominated all ran on a different platform with the common goal of bringing new perspectives to the Hun community. 

Arjun K. ’24 

Arjun K. ’24, the only class speaker who is a new student this year, represents the new faces we see on campus, and ran on the platform of mental health and racial justice. 

Arjun mentions that even though he may be new to the Hun community, he has past experience being in student government. 

“I may not know Hun to the extent that other students do, but I do have a track record of leading and serving others. At my old school, I was vice president of student government, and I know that I can serve others well and I will show that to my peers at Hun.” 

Arjun believes that his platform of mental health and racial justice helped him gain traction amongst his peers because those two topics are important to the student body as well. 

“Mental health and racial justice really resonate with me, and I think my peers voted for me because these issues resonate with them as well and are important to my generation,” he said. “I want to create ways to have open, fun, and safe conversations around these two really important topics.” 

Gabe H. ’22

Gabe H. ’22, is a returning member to the student government, whose main goal is making both the Honorem team and the Scientiam team feel equally valued. 

“For the first time ever, our school is split up into two different units, which means that it’s my goal as a member of the student senate to make everyone feel connected, included, and valued,” he said. 

When Gabe was a freshman, he remembers not fully understanding how the student government worked and when he decided to join, he made the decision to fully dedicate himself to being an active and loyal member of the senate. 

“I want to help make the school a better place not only for my peers, but for all of the future Hun students, I want everyone who comes after me to have a better experience than I did.” 

Whether it be more spirit building activities, unique virtual events, trivia games with prizes, or a mix of in-person and online events, Gabe’s mission is to bring the community together during a time when it’s especially challenging to feel connected. 

Aside from student government, Gabe is a leader on the Hun Gives Back committee, he is a part of the Asian Culture Club, Model Congress, as well as the Hun swim team. 

Angel T. ’21 

Angel T. ’21 is a fully virtual student currently studying in Vietnam, who chose to run for class speaker on the platform of inclusivity and diversity. 

“One of the main reasons I decided to run for class speaker was to be the voice that represented the remote students,” she said. “This year, it’s going to be harder than ever to keep the community connected when we have students living all around the world, and who better to bring that perspective to the student senate than someone who is currently living the reality of a virtual student.” 

Angel notes that she knows that it’s a big responsibility to be in this position while operating in a completely different time zone, but she is confident that her three years of experience in student government will help her get the job done. 

Aside from student government, Angel is also a head proctor for the Resident Life community, part of the Janus Players, Model UN, as well as a member of the JV Girls’ Lacrosse team. 

“It’s really important for me to diversify the things that I chose to be a part of on campus,” Angel said. “I want to be included in everything and get to know all of the sub communities within our larger community.” 

Kerem K. ’23

Kerem K. ’23 is a returning class speaker and this year, he decided to run on the simple yet complex platform of creating normalcy amongst the community. 

“In my speech, I didn’t make any exact promises of what I’m going to do or change but I did promise that I will do my very best to create a sense of normalcy and I do promise that I am in the best position to do so, “ Kerem said. “I think my peers voted for me because they can trust that I will do that to the best of my ability.” 

Kerem acknowledged that this year, there will be no shortage of obstacles while planning fun and engaging events, but his ability to mitigate problems and find solutions during hard times makes him a strong and reliable member of student government. 

Kerem left his peers with his final thoughts on the upcoming school year: “I want our Hun community to have the same feel that it did before COVID-19, and I will do my best to restore that sense of normalcy that we all know and love.” 

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