Ed Gainer News

True to his last name, Ed Gainer will be gaining something new this summer—a promotion at The Hun School. A dedicated member of the School’s IT department for more than a decade, Mr. Gainer will be stepping into a new role as director of technology. He will replace Jim Huffaker, who is taking on a new challenge at Charlotte Country Day School and moving to North Carolina with his wife at the end of June.

As director of technology, Mr. Gainer will be shaping the planning and implementation of systems, programs, and curricula that will carry the School’s technology into the future. He will also provide leadership in technology education and the integration of technology into the classroom, and will ensure implementation of state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures. Mr. Gainer will oversee a team of four, including a network administrator, data systems manager, education technology designer, and technical support specialist.

“Ed Gainer was unquestionably the right person for this job,” says Steven Bristol, associate head of school. “He has already done an amazing job of rebuilding and maintaining our network in a professional and sustainable way, but more importantly, his work ethic and his universal respect across campus are what make him truly stand out.”  

A team player who manages to keep many parts moving smoothly, Mr. Gainer is looking forward to his new responsibilities. “I have always been behind the scenes, but this new position gives me the opportunity to work directly with the Administrative Team,” he shares. 

It is not just the School’s leadership team he looks forward to working with more directly. “My philosophy is that all information to and from all users is better,” he explains. “I want to hear about the user experience from the student, faculty, and staff perspectives.” Serving as director of technology at a School is different from a mortgage services company, where Mr. Gainer worked prior to joining Hun. “There are a lot of different bosses in a school,” he jokes.

Mr. Gainer also looks forward to preparing the School for the path ahead. “I want to make sure we are preparing for the next steps and ensuring that faculty and staff have the resources and training they need.” 

When he is not streamlining or managing the School’s technological infrastructure, Mr. Gainer spends his downtime playing bass in a classic rock cover band. He performs often in bars across the river in Pennsylvania where he lives with his wife of twenty-four years.


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