student standing with lady looking surprised

The murder weapon, the suspects, and the location --- the three things any top notch detective must determine  when it comes to a murder mystery. And students in Dr. Bucy’s Detective English class did just that during Friday night’s murder mystery dinner party with The Murder Mystery Co. from New York City. 

The dinner party was set in a 1920s speakeasy and students came dressed to impress. Each student was assigned a role and select students were chosen to be suspects of the crime. When prompted by the dinner party hosts, students had to interrogate, gather clues, and wager money in return for evidence with other dinner party members.  

Throughout the year, students in this course have been deciphering clues, following leads, debunking misleading evidence and navigating their way through detective fiction books from the 19th century through today. 

Dr. Bucy notes that it is the detective’s job to make meaning out of chaos and to create order out of disorder. The ability to find clues and discover evidence will allow the detective to solve the case, discover the truth, and restore the world. 

“In this course, we learn how to find clues, gather evidence, and build theories,” Dr. Bucy said. “We explore the relationship between detective fiction and history, from the rise of the sciences to the industrial revolution to the World Wars. But most importantly, we have fun doing it.” 


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