Clara Kim

Some high school students chose to spend their summer months relaxing, enjoying the fresh air, and taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the school year; others, like Clara K. ’22 opt to spend their summer months gaining valuable internship experience. 

While back home in Seoul, South Korea, Clara had internships with two informational technology companies: Lionbridge Technologies Inc. and T1 Entertainment & Sports.  

During her time at Lionbridge Technologies Inc., she assisted in the Translation Services department where she often translated Samsung Electronics Co. product descriptions from Korean to English to be sent to the United States. 

“For example, if Samsung had a product that they wanted to sell in the United States, they would give us a script or product description and I would translate it into English,” she said. “Samsung uses a voice assistant called Bixby, similar to Siri and Alexa, and a lot of my internship work was translating Bixby to be used in the United States.” 

Once her internship at Lionbridge was completed, Clara jumped right into her next opportunity at T1 Entertainment & Sports, a company also associated with Samsung. Her internship experience at T1 included dabbling in a wide range of departments; Clara assisted the customer service department as well as served as a member on the social media team, the broadcasting team, and even helped with some website development. 

“I did a little bit of everything at T1 which was nice because I’m really interested in computer science and engineering and I hope to work for an IT company in the future.” 

Clara joins The Hun School community this fall as a virtual student, and hopes to take advantage of her time home and continue interning for T1 during her winter break. 

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