students at tea time

Who would have thought that one day our school schedules would consist of designed tea time? Certainly not us. But Brynn Hansson, Hun School counseling and wellness teacher, had a different idea for what the Hun community needed. 

With all of the uncertainty and stress surrounding the current situation, Ms. Hansson recognized that both students and faculty were in need of a space where they could simply just be together to share a laugh, unwind, and adjust to the new normal. 

With that in mind, Ms. Hansson created, “Tea Time Tuesday” -- a virtual table for all members of the Hun community to gather around, share conversation over their favorite tea, and indulge in some much needed relaxation. 

“My favorite aspect of Hun, and perhaps what I currently miss the most, centers around the feeling of community,” Ms. Hansson said. “My intention was to recreate this same notion of belonging and togetherness. I think now more than ever, we are all longing for connection and outlets for cultivating deeper relationships, and Tea Time provides the ideal environment for us to continue to lift each other up.” 

A typical Tea Time Tuesday meeting may revolve around anything from debating the best pizza spots in New Jersey, listening to student performances, discussing popular docuseries, to sharing recipes, or even watching a teacher prepare dinner for themselves. Regardless of the conversation on the table, both students and faculty mostly look forward to the chance to connect with one another. 

Jay Raics ’22, a frequent visitor of Tea Time Tuesday, said that not only does he enjoy getting to know his teachers and fellow students in a different light through these meetings, he is thankful that Tea Time provides him a space to just take a break and relax. 

“I worry a lot about school and what’s happening around the world, but having a fun conversation with teachers and students is what I really need to just help me relax,” Jay said. “I like being able to just talk about anything and everything with a teacher and hear stories that are relatable to me. The idea of someone willing to listen to my stories and hold a conversation is a great feeling in these times.” 

For Ms. Hansson, she has certainly enjoyed Tea Time Tuesday, deeming it the highlight of her week, and regardless of what the future holds, she will continue to always make fostering relationships and creating space to unwind a priority within the Hun community. 

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