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The beginning of a new school year often brings a bundle of nerves and emotions, from making new friends to navigating the halls of Chesebro Academic Center for the very first time. Throughout the year, students, both new and returning, are encouraged to lean on their Grade level Deans for support. To kick off the year, here are a few encouraging words of advice from Hun’s very own GLD’s for upcoming school year: 
Dayna Gash, freshman grade level dean, notes that Hun’s sense of community is one of her favorite aspects of the School, and she encourages incoming freshmen to embrace it: “Don’t stop making friends after the first week of school. Continue to meet new people throughout your entire journey at Hun. There is great power in creating community, so remember to always invite others to join you.” 

Olivia Albanese ’13, sophomore grade level dean, notes that with each school year comes new opportunities: “Take this year as an opportunity to meet new friends who you did not get to meet last year,” she said. “Attend sporting events, Janus Player productions, and social gatherings to spend time with  your peers and teachers. You never know when you will meet your new best friend or future mentor.” 
Ted Shaffner, junior grade level dean, explains that many people believe that junior year is the hardest and most important year of high school, which is why he encourages students to take a holistic approach to the school year: “You need to develop and maintain good study habits, along with the stamina to keep it up throughout the year, even when you have sports and extracurricular activities,” he said. “Exercise, eat healthy meals, and establish good sleep habits so that you aren’t doing assignments at the last minute. Developing and maintaining these habits will help you succeed. I’m confident that you can do it, and all of your teachers, coaches, advisors, and I are eager to help you.” 

Todd Loffredo, senior grade level dean, advises seniors to ease into the beginning of the school year and to be gentle with yourself: “Take your time getting back to “normal”, it has been nearly a year and a half since you have had a more normal high school experience,” he said. “Be diligent with your work and focus on those college applications, essays, and supplements as early as possible so as you near the end of your senior year, you can enjoy the moments you have left with your classmates. Finally, act as leaders; it is your time to lead the school now, as seniors, you are role models for incoming students and underclassmen will look your way for guidance.” 

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