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As part of NextTerm 2021, The Hun School’s three-week experiential mini-semester, students in the NextTerm course “Making Princeton” explored the ins and outs of the historical town where our campus resides. For the final project, students had free range to pick a Princeton related topic of interest and create a culminating project that is shared with students, faculty, professional advisors, and parents during NextPo, the NextTerm project exhibition event. We’ve rounded up a list of the class’ favorite Princeton-themed activities. 

Kayak on the Delaware Raritan Canal. 
On the final days of NextTerm: Making Princeton, students spent the day kayaking down the Delaware Raritan Canal off of Alexander Road. Before hitting the water, students learned about the history of the canal, including how it stretches 44 miles from Bordentown to New Brunswick. After a day out on the water, we suggest cooling down with a refreshing treat. Head to The Bent Spoon, a fan favorite amongst Hun students, for some ice cream.   

Explore the Princeton Battlefield. 
The Princeton Battlefield State Park spans across 80 acres and is home to some of New Jersey’s most historical buildings and monuments. During their day trip, our NextTerm students went back in time to January 3, 1777 and learned all about The Battle of Princeton. They also explored the route that General George Washington traveled that cold winter morning to defeat the British. Hun students completed this scavenger hunt along the way - give it a try!

Catch a show at McCarter Theatre. 
If you are passionate about fine arts, there is no shortage of that in Princeton. A perfect rainy day activity could be catching a show at McCarter Theatre. Not only did the Making Princeton class explore this theatre, but it’s also a place our resident boarding students spend a few weekend evenings out of the year. On July 27, McCarter Theatre will be releasing the line-up of upcoming performances on their website. 

Do a walking tour of Princeton. 
Between Albert Einstein’s house to the University grounds, a walking tour of Princeton is a great way to spend an afternoon. During NextTerm, Hun students teamed up with the Princeton Touring Company; students spent the afternoon learning about everything from the beginnings of Palmer’s Square to the architecture of some of the town's most historical buildings. 

Participate in a Princeton Ghost Tour. 
There is no denying that Princeton is filled with rich history, but as any ghost hunter knows, with rich history comes the potential for ghost hauntings. As a segment of their final project, students put together a list of some documented ghost sightings throughout town, including at The Nassau Inn and the Thomas Clarke House located at the Princeton Battlefield. And if this doesn’t scream summer vacation to you, keep the Princeton Touring Company Ghost Tour in mind for a crisp October night. 

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