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Here is a list of 5 popular podcasts on anti-racism and activism compiled by Laura Bishop, library and media center director. 


1. Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast

While this podcast has a strong emphasis on racial justice, the co-hosts, Chevon and Hiba, tackle multiple topics of conversation across America. From stories and strategies for racial justice to their opinions on race and pop culture, no conversation is off-limits. The ultimate goal of the podcast is to urge listeners to try and see the world through the eyes of someone different than them and be inspired to join the discussion, take action, and create change. 


2. 1619

1619 -- the year that indefinitely shaped the course of America’s history when the first African slaves were brought to North America. This podcast, hosted by Nikole Hannah-Jones,  will travel through history and conduct an in-depth examination of slavery in America, with the objective of helping listeners connect events in history with present times. 


3. Intersectionality Matters! with Kimberlé Crenshaw 

Kimberlé Crenshaw unpacks the theoretical framework of Intersectionality by showcasing the work of activists, artists and scholars. This podcast helps listeners understand politics, laws, and social movements in relation to their own lives and recognize how each of these topics affects people differently based on the color of their skin. By shining a light on these subject matters, listeners will begin to see their own lives from a new perspective.


4. Pod For The Cause 

The purpose of this popular podcast is to begin the dialogue on racism in America and to spark activism amongst listeners. This podcast hosts guests of all walks of life from authors, to politicians, to medical workers, and everyone in between to engage in in-depth, honest exchanges revolving around the pressing issues our country faces today. 


5. Code Switch 

If you are looking to educate yourself and join the uncomfortable, potentially hard-to-talk-about conversation regarding racism in America, then this podcast is for you. Hosted by several journalists of color, this series addresses all topics under the sun from COVID-19 to pop culture and sports, to history and politics, and identifies how racism plays a role in each of these areas. 

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