Miles and Blane at convocation

For Miles Bostic ’19, it was a family friend who introduced him to Hun. “My dad’s friend, Mr. Burke, went to Hun, so I knew the reputation, but when I came to visit, I just really liked the community,” he says before adding, “It was the only school I applied to.”

Blaney Soper ’19 was drawn to The Hun School’s balance of academics and athletics but was also drawn in by the school’s feeling. “Everyone seemed so happy. It wasn’t something I was expecting to see until college.” 

Fast forward four years later and both Soper and Bostic are an integral part of that same community that captured their hearts as applicants. The two serve as president (Soper) and vice-president (Bostic) of the senior class and are members of the baseball and basketball teams, respectively. For Bostic, a boarding student, that community has made a lasting impression. “Last year, when we came back from break, there was a power outage from the snow. I was thinking I should have stayed home, but then I walked into Global and everyone was hanging out. It was probably the best time ever.” Soper recounts a similar story about his baseball team. “Last year we were on a winning streak and then lost a game. Our hopes were crushed, but then we were all talking in the locker room and it was really nice. I’ve never seen that kind of maturity in the guys before,” he says. 

As they look toward their futures, both reflect on their time spent here as meaningful, even transformative. “It’s the little things that add up. The mentors that remind you to say hello in the hallways, etc. That’s what separates Hun from other schools,” says Soper. 

As liaisons with the Young Alumni Association, Bostic and Soper will be taking the four-year pledge this spring, giving back to the community that has supported them through these impactful four years. It’s something they’re committed to for many reasons, but for Bostic, one stands out. “I ask you to imagine yourself before you came here and then think of yourself after. They’re two different people,” he says.

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