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Maya Adams

“I teach a very high level science, so to help my students understand it better, I always take a very human approach,” said Jacqueline O’Gorman, chair of the Science department and Human Anatomy and Physiology teacher. “I make sure every class is filled with empathy and we focus on the human side of the equation, not the mechanical side of it. Which is why I shared with my class that not only am I a breast cancer survivor, but just last year I lost my identical twin sister to this disease.” 

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“I’m already familiar with a lot of programming and website development work, which has definitely contributed to my interest in working with the website, but if anything I’d say taking U.S History recently sparked my interest in this work even more because since starting this project I’ve learned so much more about historic sites in area,” Suchisrit said. 

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Around 1,000 high school students will debate and resolve global issues that directly affect the world we live in, virtually. For more information, contact Seth Holm.

Hun's Roster:

Peruvian Cabinet

Saahil Noupada: Armando Montes de Peralta



Saanvi Uphadyay: Afghanistan

Ozzie Bayazitoglu: Andorra

Ruben Chandwani: Bhutan

Bella Gomez: Cambodia

Nick Youngquist: Chad

Rowan John: Zimbabwe

Vika Petrov: Togo



Jenny Xu: Afghanistan

Anvitha Paruchuri: Andorra

Maya Nahas: Bhutan

Stuti Neelam: Cambodia

Sriya Mandapati: Chad

Hellen Hodgkin: Togo



Ben Biondi: Afghanistan

Kaushik Rathuryan: Andorra

Saylah Parrish: Bhutan

Morgan Haley: Chad

Arion Rebba: Togo



Jenny Pham: Afghanistan

Kerem Koyluoglu: Andorra

Ed Kelley: Bhutan

Andrew Hamuro: Cambodia



Rocco mathews: Montenegro



Grace Zhao: Afghanistan

Courtney Joseph: Andorra

Matt Piasecki: Bhutan

Arjun Kumaar: Cambodia



James Chubbuck: Afghanistan

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