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Saraya Hamidi

Over the summer, Ms. Hamidi learned of the unjust death of Elijah McClain, a 23-year old, unarmed Black man, from Aurora, Colorado. In response to his death, she channeled her anger into creating the Instagram page, @justiceforElijahMcClain, in hopes of bringing justice to Elijah and his family. Ms. Hamidi began actively posting and spreading awareness of this case on social media and launched a digital petition calling for the officers involved in Elijah’s death to be held accountable for their actions. In just a few short months, the account has grown to 200,000 followers; and the petition has over 5.6 million signatures.

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AP Photo- flags Capitol

In these tumultuous times, I hope that we can all watch today's inauguration, and recommit ourselves to all of America's promises for the next four years and beyond. For those of us who are American citizens, we will all have a new president. Let us root for ourselves and the success of our new president together. May he succeed so that we may all succeed. And, most importantly, may we secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity - those future generations who deserve the promises of America just as much as we do.

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Hun School flag

On Wednesday, January 20, 2021, President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn into office as the 46th President of the United States and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will become the 1st female Vice President. In a year unlike any other, with an election unlike any other, it’s important to remember that this day is historic for many reasons. And, regardless of your political affiliation, it is normal to feel the plethora of emotions that you may be experiencing. Whether it’s joy, relief, sadness, or apprehensiveness, there are a few educational and wellness resources that can guide you through the day. 

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The Moise sisters with the step team

“For me, step is a space for me to feel empowered and feel like I’m making change in the Hun community,” Milan said. “When Majesty first started, no one was really familiar with this art form and now as I prepare to leave Hun, it feels like everyone has a deeper level of understanding of what step is and what it represents.” 

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Join the Office of Global and Immersion Learning Programs in Raider’s next voyage, which will “take” him to Ecuador! This event will be co-sponsored with the Spanish Honor Society and will be bi-lingual in its instruction. Two guest chefs to help with the preparation of the highlighted dish which will be Tortillas de Kinwa (con pollo y jamón) acompañado de Ensalada caliente de Zuquini, tomate, zanahoria, champiñones y albahaca.

This 60-minute course will involve ingredients specific to the region, but most of which you can easily find at grocery stores.  

If you’re interested in joining Raider, please sign up using this form as soon as possible. Once we have our fellow chefs, we will send out the recipe in advance so you can be sure to have all the ingredients on hand to make the tasty treats along with Raider. 

So join Raider as he travels around the world “visiting” kitchens to learn about new cultures and new foods. This interactive, engaging opportunity allows Hun families to “travel” from the comfort of their own homes while learning about a new culture and new food! So if you sign up, you can cook along with everyone else!

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Parents and guardians are invited to join us for a vaccine information session with Dr. Sonja Rasmussen, a nationally recognized expert on infectious diseases and The Hun School’s medical consultant. A Professor of Pediatrics and Epidemiology at the University of Florida, Dr. Rasmussen worked at the Centers for Disease Control for twenty years and recently served on a government task force recommending how best to disseminate the Covid-19 vaccines. Dr. Rasmussen will present information about the Covid-19 vaccine(s), why she elected to be vaccinated, and why she recommends we all get immunized as soon as possible.

This webinar will include a question and answer period, but submitting questions in advance via the registration link, will help us be efficient with our time.


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Hosted by Asst. Head of School for Enrollment, Steve Bristol; Upper School Head, Ryan Hews; and 9th Grade Dean, Dayna Gash, Hun 8th Grade Parents are invited to register and learn about the Upper School Academic and Co-curricular Programs and about how we will support your children in the transition from Middle to Upper School.

Register to attend.

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Max Stossel is an Award-Winning Storyteller/Poet and the Youth & Education Advisor for The Center for Humane Technology, an organization of former tech insiders dedicated to realigning technology with humanity’s best interests (as featured in The Social Dilemma). Before working with CHT, Max was a media strategist with an extensive background in social, running social media or multinational brands, and later working for a social media company where he designed some of the notification structures to distract people that he now criticizes. 

He has spent the past four years speaking with 100,000+ students, parents, and educators around the world about social media's impact on our lives, and creating resources to help manage that impact. Max provides a unique and much needed perspective on the role of technology in our homes, schools and in our society.

Mr. Stossel joins us as a guest of The Hun School's Centennial Speaker Series.



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