Board of Trustees

Hun School BoT

Board of Trustees

Stephen T. Wills, Board Chair

Susan McGlory Michel, Board Vice Chair

Edward Breen

Jonathan Brougham, Headmaster

Giovanni Caforio, M.D.

Kimberly Jingoli Chiurco

Rajiv Dahiya

Kathleen Mitchell-D'Aulerio, Chair, Parents' Association

Marianne Deane

Johnny T.Y. Fung '77 

Xavier Goss '99 

Sanjay Kannambadi

Allan Levine

Brian C. Logue '75 

Ralph Mason, III '69 

Andrew H. Monfried '87 

Christiana Foglio

Herman Penner '64 

Leigh Ann Peterson '86, President, Alumni Association

Michael J. Renna

Leah T. Ricci '96 

Danner Riebe '79 

Eric P. Rosenblum 

Mordechai Rozanski 

John Tugwell

Susan Ward

Orin S. Wilf '92 

Corporate Secretary and Counsel

Richard Goldman, Esq.

"The goal is to teach students the skills that they will need in a life that we can't even forsee now.  What we do know, given the pace of change today, is that they will be called upon to adapt quickly and creatively to different circumstances.  And, as the world continues to shrink, they will need to collaborate and communicate with people very different from themselves." 
Jonathan Brougham, headmaster

Trustee Emeriti

Helen F. Boehm*
Lynn Breen
Alexander K. Buck '49*
Paul R. Chesebro*
G. Gerald Donaldson, Jr. H'14 
Leslie Florio
Thomas P. Gallagher
Thomas M. Gorrie
Arthur G. Hailand, Jr.* 
A.C. Reeves Hicks* 
John Y. Keffer '60 
Alan Landis '61* 
Ralph S. Mason, III
Antonio Pirone '56* 
Patrick Ryan
George F. Tidey '51 
F. Kevin Tylus '73 
John E. Stoddard*