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Board Members

Stephen T. Wills, Board Chair

Susan McGlory Michel, Board Vice Chair

Edward D. Breen

Rajiv Dahiya

Marianne Deane

Christiana Foglio

Johnny T.Y. Fung '77 

Xavier Goss '99 

Scott Landis '92

Brian C. Logue '75 

Ralph Mason, III '69 

Andrew H. Monfried '87 

Herman Penner '64 

Leigh Ann Peterson '86, Alumni Association President

Michael J. Renna

Leah T. Ricci '96 

Danner Riebe '79 

Eric P. Rosenblum 

Susan Ward

Head of School

Jonathan G. Brougham

Corporate Secretary and Counsel

Richard Goldman, Esq.

Faculty Representative

Jennifer Mitchell


"Great schools prepare students with a foundation for a life and a world that is constantly changing. The Hun School education foundation, with equal emphasis on ingenuity, resiliency, relationships, and moral fortitude, pushes Hun students to collaborate in culturally diverse settings to create and seize opportunities for social betterment, and to step-up as leaders to make our global community stronger.” 

Stephen T. Wills, Board Chair 

Trustee Emeriti

Helen Boehm*
Raymond Bowers*
Lynn Breen
Alexander K. Buck '49*
Paul R. Chesebro*
G. Gerald Donaldson, Jr. H'14 
Leslie Florio
Thomas P. Gallagher
Thomas M. Gorrie
Arthur G. Hailand '41* 
A.C. Reeves Hicks* 
Thomas Horwich '59
Hugh Hurley
John Y. Keffer '60 
Alan Landis '61* 
Ralph Mason, Sr.*
Ralph S. Mason, III (re-elected to the Board of Trustees in September 2019)
Antonio Pirone '56* 
Louis Pyle*
Patrick M. Ryan
Perry Sellon '34*
John Stoddard*
Lucy Stretch*
George F. Tidey '51*
F. Kevin Tylus '73 


Board of Trustees Diversity Statement

The Board of Trustees of The Hun School of Princeton is firmly committed to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) in its fulfillment of the School’s long-term educational mission, goals, and moral obligation. The Board supports the recruitment and appointment of members who through their diversity of gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation and social class, among other factors, will contribute to the creation of policies and long-term vision that promote the continued thriving of the School while keeping inclusion and equity at the forefront.

The Board will:

  • Ensure that the School’s long-range strategic plan includes diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging as essential components of its future.
  • Support administrative efforts to create a welcoming climate, well-rounded curriculum, and effective programming to promote cultural competency and global understanding among students, employees, families, and alumni. For this purpose, the Board will monitor progress and trends through regular reports and measurable outcomes.
  • Provide adequate resources to offer access to students and employees of all socio-economic classes.
  • Undertake orientation and continuous, evolving development and training for its members to ensure that all trustees are culturally competent and prepared to address issues of diversity.