Events and Anniversary Projects


Convocation and Anniversary Brunch: Sept. 9

Alicia Tillman ’93, Hun Trustee and one of Forbes most influential CMOs in the world, was the featured speaker at Convocation. 

“The First Alumnae” returned to lead the procession at Convocation, enjoy campus tours, and a brunch in their honor. Contact Jasmin Barry ’75 with questions.

Young Women's Leadership Cohort

The Young Women’s Leadership Cohort will enroll it’s third class of girls. The Young Women’s Leadership Cohort features leadership education, reciprocal mentorship opportunities, and networking dinners with Hun alumnae and professionals in a variety of fields. The Cohort accepts nominations through October for this two-year leadership curriculum. Contact Meghan Poller ’95 with questions.

Her at Hun Scavenger Hunt: Oct. 2021

Dean Loffredo and the Grade Level Deans are creating a Her at Hun scavenger hunt for advisory groups this fall. Contact Bethany Loffredo with questions.

The Centennial Speaker Series: Sept. 9 - March 23

The Centennial Speaker Series kicks off with Katty Kay, author of NY Times bestseller The Confidence Code. Other guests include: Freestyle Love Supreme, Camille Schrier ’13, Randall Lane, and Jennifer Pharr Davis. Contact Maureen Leming ’95 with questions.

Collaborative 3D Mural Project: Oct. 1 - Apr. 29

A Collaborative 3D Mural was designed to engage and encourage students to learn more about alumnae leaders, past and present. There will be special programming throughout the year to paint designs produced by Hun School alumnae artists, Chandler Strange ’98 and Jane Moore Houghton ’83. This mural will use a butterfly motif, to symbolize transformation and growth, along with highlighting the butterfly’s role as a natural gardener, bringing new life where they fly while always remembering where they started. This project will invite girl students to stretch out their future alumnae wings and soar! This project will take place between October 1 - April 29th, with a “paint and chat” studio session with Jane Houghton on November 5th. Artist Zoom sessions April 1st - 29th. Contact Sean Hildreth and Megan Skelly with questions.

Our Different Paths conference for girls: Mar. 26

The student-run Gender Equity Matters Club will host the 2nd Annual Women in the World Summit: “Our Different Paths,” on Saturday, March 26th from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. EST. This event is open to the public. Contact Otis Douce or Alyson Sims with questions.

Verbatim Theatre: Apr. 30

Verbatim Theatre will début during Alumni Weekend 2022, telling the story of our first alumnae, in their own words. Contact Bill Esher with questions.

Alumni Weekend: April 29 - 30

This year’s Alumni Weekend, April 29-30, will be a triple reunion celebrating the 1’s and 6’s, 2’s and 7’s, and the 0’s and 5’s. It will also mark the formal celebration of Her at Hun from an alumni standpoint. The traditional Alumni Weekend programming will be supplemented with alumnae-centered conversations and opportunities. The weekend will also include a celebration of female athletics (TBD), the grand opening of Verbatim Theatre, a HBAN networking event, recognition of retired faculty, and more. Contact Alexis Brock or Jasmin Barry  with questions or partnership ideas. 

The 2022 Edgerstounian: May 2022

This year’s Yearbook Editorial Team is celebrating Her at Hun in print! Students may contact Shayna Weiss ’23 with questions.

Her at Hun Historical Exhibit: Nov 2022

“Her at Hun” an Historical Exhibit: The year-long exhibition spotlighting the female student, faculty, and staff experience at Hun from 1971 through the present day, will be installed in the Wilf Family Global Commons this November. The exhibition will include a timeline of important milestones in The Hun School's history, as well as photographs of the female experience spanning the decades from the 70s to today. Contact Nancy DePalma ’92 with questions.

Supporting Her at Hun 

Supporting Her at Hun are philanthropic opportunities for community members to support student programs and scholarships. Contact Alexis Brock with questions.

Female Athletic Network

The Female Athletic Network (FAN) is empowering female athletes at Hun with a series of workshops and networking dinners. Contact Tracey Arndt with questions.

White RIbbon Campaign: Nov 1

Hun’s Cultural Competency Committee will organize White Ribbon programming and an awareness campaign the week of November 1st. White Ribbon programs challenges negative concepts of manhood and inspire young men to be vocal allies against gender-based harassment, discrimination, and violence. Contact Otis Douce and Tom Monfiletto.


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Her at Hun News

Middle School Mural

How do you celebrate the past and inspire the future? If you’re Middle School Visual Arts Faculty Member Sean Hildreth, you turn to a blank wall. 

Mr. Hildreth and Megan Skelly, members of the 50th Anniversary committee, chose to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of girls and women at Hun with an impactful art project. “We wanted something that would encourage students to learn more about alumnae,” shares Mr. Hildreth.

members of female athletic network

As a holistic nutritionist, Ms. Phelps takes a full-circle approach to health and wellness, and believes that there is great value in recognizing the connection between the food we eat and the way we feel. She taught F.A.N. members a few tips and tricks about how to fuel their bodies for success when competing in their respective sports.

class of 2023 banner

Monday, September 13th was the official start to “Her at Hun,” a year-long celebration honoring the 50th Anniversary of co-education at the School. In honor of this historic milestone, Hun School trustee and accomplished business leader Alicia Tillman ’93 gave the keynote address and five alumnae from the first female classes joined the ceremony.