The Realities of College Athletic Recruiting

Wednesday, October 13th
7:00 p.m., Saks Auditorium
Free and Open to the Public

               "It's a Game...Know the Rules"  

Spend an evening with recruitment expert Jack Renkens as he explores the myths and presents the realities of college athletic recruiting.  From his days as a high school coach, administrator, and teacher through his time as a coach and athletic director at an award winning NCAA Division II college, Mr. Renkens has witnessed the recruiting game from all sides.  His message about collegiate athletic recruiting is simple: "It's a game...Know the Rules."  This highly sought after program has been featured at thousands of schools across the country and on numerous television programs.  Mr. Renkens is a weekly contributor to several major newspapers and magazines. 

High school student athletes serious about continuing to play sports in college can never start too early, nor get too much help.  However, most students don't know the recruiting game, NCAA rules, or how to get matched with the best college for them.  Mr. Renkens will provide tips to parents and students serious about taking athletics to the collegiate level.

Visit for more information about Recruiting Realities.  Questions?  Contact Mr. Bill Quirk, director of athletics.

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