Facilities Renovations Sure to Wow

The Hun School of Princeton’s Facilities Department worked diligently throughout the summer months to prepare the School for the opening of its 100th year. In addition to the annual maintenance of buildings and grounds, four existing academic spaces received special attention.

Middle School Science Lab Renovation

Cabinetry, aesthetics, and workstations received an upgrade in the Middle School science lab. Long benches and tables were removed from the Middle School science lab and replaced with modern modular workstations, complete with power outlets on overhead pulleys. The five workstations will serve as desks during classroom instruction and better facilitate hands-on and group work. High definition projectors and accessories were also installed for presentation and instruction.

Centennial Classroom Renovation

Due in large part to the iPad program and an influx of personal computers on campus, the School was able to repurpose a former computer lab this summer. The newly renovated space has been named the Centennial Classroom and as such received a few special features. The Centennial Classroom represents the future of Hun School classrooms, with a bright blue interior, Harkness table, Apple TV, and high definition projector. The Classroom is large enough to accommodate presentations, group work, and small group discussion. The Centennial Classroom will host Seminar classes and special guest presentations.

John Andrew Saks Auditorium Stage Renovation

The theatre’s original hardwood stage was uncovered from beneath multiple layers of paint and plywood this summer and carefully restored. As a result, students can now utilize a trap door feature and modular staging. Used for performance entrances and exits, the trap door accesses a prop room which sits directly beneath the stage. The new modular units can be used in a variety of configurations to add height or depth to the performance area, or create space for the pit band when removed.

Upper School Room 113

Room 113, also known as the Lindsay Jacob ’04 Room for Journalism, previously served as an after-school workroom for student publications. A summer renovation has transformed the room into an open instructional space, allowing it to also serve as a new English classroom during the day.

Summer renovation projects also included:

  • Renovation of the ladies room in Russell Hall
  • New skylights in the Middle School
  • Renovation of the School’s all-weather track
  • Additional lighting in the Athletic Center
  • New classroom window treatments and air conditioning units
  • A new senior lounge in Russell Hall

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