QB Dominic Natale `05 Prepares to Lead Rutgers' Offense

excerpt from "Rutgers No. 1 quarterback Dom Natale shows fiery side during practice", by Tom Luicci
The Star Ledger, August 20, 2009

The green No. 11 jersey was clearly visible beneath the scrum near the goal line, just enough of it in the end zone -- along with the football -- that the officials signaled touchdown.

Dom Natale, named the clear leader in Rutgers' quarterback competition on Wednesday, had just helped the offense -- his offense -- get the upper hand on the defense during a spirited series by willing himself into the end zone on a fourth-down play during Thursday's practice.

Except the defense wasn't done after the play was over, trying to push and bully Natale back out of the end zone.

As the bodies were peeled away, Natale, generally low-key and soft-spoken, jumped up. His helmet had been ripped off at the bottom of the pile and he was fired up, barking at linebacker Antonio Lowery as his teammates were pulling him away.

"We were just competing on the goal line," Natale said afterward. "I guess that was fourth and goal. We're two competitive guys just playing football. I guess it went over the line. He got a flag (for a personal foul). But we were just competing, that's all."

Head coach Greg Schiano isn't sure if that was Natale's first "Mike Teel moment," when he asserted himself as this offense's unquestioned leader, but is certain the fiery response by the fifth-year senior didn't go unnoticed by his teammates.

"It was a good play. I like that. You know me," Schiano said.

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