An Interview with Susan Hendricks `91

Caroline Knights `11, The Mall

Susan Hendricks ’91 has made it a long way from her high school cheerleading and lacrosse career at The Hun School of Princeton.

Although Hendricks did not do journalism at Hun, she “loved English and loved Hun.” Her success at Hun has brought her to working as a news anchor with CNN in Atlanta. Hendricks said that she has taken “lifelong lessons and lifelong friends” from her experience at Hun. When asked what her favorite memory at Hun was, Hendricks had trouble picking a favorite because there were “so many” to choose from.

One memory that stood out was when she went on a trip during her freshman year of high school with her best friend from Hun. The trip made Hendricks “aware of [her] surroundings” because she was able to experience the real world without the protective walls holding her back.

Although Hendricks had some trouble choosing a favorite moment, she was quick to add that her defining moment was when her freshman year advisor told her “Don’t worry kid, I know you’ll do great!” Hendricks was able to remember her defining moment quickly, which leads her to believe her advisor was one of the most significant people from her Hun experience. She believes Hun has “shaped” her because it taught her to “always go with your gut” on all important decisions in life.

Hendricks decided to pursue journalism during her freshman year at college when she heard Walter Cronkite speak. During Hendricks career, she has met some incredible people, some of which include Walter Cronkite, Ted Turner, and Matt Damon.

Hendricks believes she is “still maturing” in her career field, and her advice to future journalists is to “not worry about how many years you have to clock in” to get where you want. Hendricks is proud to say she attended The Hun School of Princeton.

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