School Statistics

The Hun School of Princeton is an independent coeducational college preparatory school, nestled on an idyllic forty-five acre campus, less than two miles from downtown Princeton and Princeton University. Students in grades six through a post-graduate year comprise a student body of 614, representing a diverse blend of nationalities, races, religions, and traditions. The Hun School is home to 150 resident students from across the country and world, as well as twenty-eight members of the faculty.

By the Numbers

1914   Founded
1,172   Hun Annual Fund donors 
629, 541, 88 Students enrolled, Upper School and Middle School
300     Fresh-baked cookies served each day
250 Students and faculty who appeared in the School’s lip dub video
162, 229      Days of classroom instruction, days of faculty availability for exta-help     
150, 42 Resident students, resident faculty and spouses
140 Upper School courses offered
145, 89 Students in the Class of 2012, different universities and colleges attended
96 Faculty and administration           
95 Percentage of alumni surveyed who report Hun School faculty made a lasting difference in their life
88, 45, 43 Teaching faculty, female, male
72 Percentage of faculty who hold advanced degrees
54, 15, 46 Clubs, interscholastic sports, teams
52, 45, 1.5 Miles from New York City, Philadelphia, Downtown Princeton
45 Campus acres
100            Percentage of students participating in at least one of the School’s 54 clubs            
42            Presidential Scholars in the Class of 2013           
30 Percentage of students receiving financial aid
96            Percentage of surveyed parents who report their child is positively impacted by their interactions on campus            
32           Student-athletes in the Class of 2013 who will compete in NCAA collegiate athletics
17, 13          Student home countries, home states
91 Members of Student Government            
13 Average class size            
12 Counselors and deans
11 Alumni working at The Hun School
17 Advanced Placement classes offered
6       Interdisciplinary classes offered
Resident Proctors       
7 Science laboratories
5 Faculty who are published authors
2, 1 Van de Graaff generators, blue 1,000 milliwatt laser
1:7 Student: faculty ratio
$12,500 ESL Program tuition
$18,500 Academic Learning Skills Program tuition
$36,550 Day student tuition
$53,150 Resident student tuition

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