Stephen Fabian

History and Global Studies, Chair
Upper School Office , Grade Level Dean
Upper School, Faculty

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x. 2261


Colgate University, B.A.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, PhD

Personal Information


I started teaching at Hun in...


I coach and/or advise...

I assist in coaching Track, and I am the instructor for AHAMA, Hun’s Martial Arts Club that trains in the fall and winter sports seasons.  I also enjoy participating in student clubs, particularly the Diversity Club, International Exchange, Black Student Union, and the Jewish Culture Club.

My family and pets...

I share life with my wife, Surabela, three children (our youngest, Alex '12, currently attends Hun) a dog and a cat.

My favorite course in college was....

Anthropology, in which I eventually earned a Ph.D.  I try to bring my anthropological training and experiences to life in my courses and also in our department, newly named the History and Global Studies Department, to emphasize the combining of an historical perspective with awareness in the here-and-now of world cultures and current events.

If I wasn't teaching, I would be....

Teaching martial arts and writing.  I try to do these things anyway!

I teach because...

I love connecting with students' minds! Education, the opening of minds, is our truest hope in combating prejudices and injustice, and improving the world.  Besides, working with teenagers helps keep it real!!!

The last book that I read was...and the music currently playing on my MP3 player is...

Several books currently hold my attention for reading at the end of the busy day.  For themed entertainment there’s the historical fiction series, Tros of Samothrace, an adventure saga in the time of Caesar and Cleopatra, and I am balancing this with the Chinese classic Three Kingdoms (alas, in translation).  On the more technical side there is the analysis of post-15th century Western global dominance, Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond. For personal growth and edification I’m working my way through Rabbi Joseph Telushkin’s voluminous work on Jewish ethics and morality, currently still in Volume One: You Shall Be Holy, as well as passages from the Bhagavad-Gita.

I don't own an MP3 player, but when I listen to music it’s likely to be Brazilian bossa nova or classic rock 'n' roll.



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