iPad Program

The Hun School iPad Program provides tools for teachers and students to enhance technological literacy, promote creativity and collaboration, enable interactive and engaged learning experiences, support differentiated instruction, and make learning accessible to students from any location at any time. 

Adding iPads to our toolboxes has opened a whole new set of possibilities for teachers and students alike. Recent surveys indicate that Hun students and parents appreciate using excellent, engaging, and affordable e-texts on the iPad as opposed to heavy, expensive, and sometimes dated textbooks. Universal iPad access, gradual roll-out, and systematic professional development for faculty have facilitated creative and meaningful usage in the classroom. As a school, we believe that this tool is indicative of the professional world our students will enter after Hun and therefore, see great benefit in making a part of their daily lives as students.

Jonathan Brougham, Headmaster

201210111278RS.jpgiPads eliminate the barrier to technology in the classroom.

We believe that in order to maximize a technology-based curriculum, access must be universal.  Program development leaps forward when each student and faculty member is using the same device throughout the day and evening.

iBooks, iTunes U, and educational apps provide enhanced content. 

iBooks textbooks can offer unparalleled access to course material with text, videos, and other interactive tools built right in. iTunes U is a virtual library of teaching tools that teachers can use to build classes and lessons. Applications such as iMovie, Garage band, and Keynote provide dynamic programs for movies, music, and presentation software to each student.

iBooks decrease student expenses. 

iBook textbooks are available for a fraction of the cost of their printed counterparts. Most iBook textbooks cost $14.99 compared to $100 or more for a printed textbook. iPad costs begin at $499. Hun School teachers coordinate book selection to ensure students have this option.  The School projects a savings of $300 per family over two years. This doesn’t include the added savings when the iPad takes the place of a notebook, planner, and supplies.

Studies show that constant access to technology increases student performance. 

Besides being a fun and useful educational tool for engaging students, iPads have proven to increase test scores and student proficiency. In a recent study done by a public school district in California, students using iPads saw their math test scores increase 20% in one year compared to students using traditional textbooks. A recent study at Oklahoma State University concluded that 75% of students agreed that the iPad enhanced their learning experience.